Photo by deruydtsphotography.com

Photo by deruydtsphotography.com


Follow my adventures around the globe as I climb, ski, and run my way through some of the coolest and most beautiful areas on the planet. I am by no means an elite climber, but love pushing myself to the extreme in a variety of different sports.



  1. Dear Colin
    I am going to visit Райнер crater firn caves. I have started to find information about these system of caves and saw your blog and article “MT. RAINIER PART II: AN ALIEN WORLD” with incredibly beautiful photos and descriptions. Unfortunately, i cant find maps or sketches of this system of caves. If you have anything, map or description. Anything that can help to navigate in these caves, I would be very grateful to you.
    My E-mail: glebnpetrov@gmail.com

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Gleb,

      I’m very sorry I haven’t been running my blog for the past few months and have been away in the wilderness for much of it. I hope you were able to find the caves but if you haven’t please feel free to email me at colinpither@hotmail.com if you would like more info about them. Please be careful of the environment in there and try to leave no trace as these caves are extremely fragile and may hold life forms that are unique to that environment. I was cautious about publishing this story because of this and hope that anyone who decides to visit these caves does so with the utmost care and knowledge that they are exploring a truly pristine environment.

      Again, I know it’s probably too late but I hope you were able to find them!



  2. I made a typo, I mean Rainier crater firn caves. Sorry.

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